del Venado
An Amazing Place

Get Ready to get down and dirty in one of the most amazing tourist attractions in all Costa Rica - a real hidden jewel. The Venado Caves contain configurations over 6 million years old bear the beauty of waterfalls,numerous stalactites and stalagmites, and a exotic fauna like fish, insects, spiders and four different species of bats!

Located only an hour from La Fortuna, these carverns offer an unforgettable underground mystical adventures.


Rumors existed since 1935 among the inhabitants of Venado of San Carlos, that there were caves nearby. But they were not discovered until 1945, when on a hunting trip Lael Herrera stumbled across the first two caverns

The first serious explorations of the caves were done in by frech explorer Robert Vergenes, but he only traverse the first 350 meters leaving many mysteries and questions unresolved. In 1969 the AEC, a United States Governmment Organization, became interested in the caves and launched three simultaneous exploration parties

Today, 10 caverns have been mapped totaling over 2,700 meters. Each caverns has sufficient headroom to permit explorers to remain standing while a few of them are 35 meters tall.